Refuse & Recycling


  • Halstead is contracted exclusively with Nisly Brothers Inc. 
  • Pick up is curbside every Thursday (see calendar for exceptions).  Nisly begins pick-up at 6:00am, so it would be advantageous to put the trash out the night before.
  • Trash service includes one cart. Cart replacements are every Thursday.  Call City Hall at 316-835-2286 if you need your cart replaced.
  • No yard waste will be picked up.
  •  Additional carts are available for $1/month.


  • Contracted exclusively with Nisly Brothers Inc.
  • Recycling is optional for all residents in Halstead. Pick-up is every other Thursday (see calendar for exceptions).  For a list of acceptable materials please see the trash and recycle guidelines below. 
  • Recycle service includes one cart.  Cart replacements are every Thursday.  Call City Hall at 316-835-2286 if you need your cart replaced. 
  • Additional carts are available for $1/month.