Halstead Police Department

It shall be the general duty of the Chief of Police and all
sworn law enforcement personnel to the best of their
ability to preserve good order, peace and quiet throughout
the city as provided by law or ordinance.

Police Department
The Chief of Police and the four full time officers.  Pictured Left-Right
​Officer Horton, Chief Orem, Officer Harmon, Officer Robinson, Officer Ayres

For Immediate Release

Contact: CHIEF Josh Orem
​ Phone: (316)835-2266            police@halsteadks.com

​           Beginning Monday, May 22, through Sunday, June 4, the Halstead Police department will join many other police agencies across the state, including the Kansas Highway Patrol, in the Kansas Click-it-or-Ticket, Traffic Enforcement Campaign. A grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) will underwrite overtime enforcement efforts that specifically aim to enforce seatbelt and child restraint violations by ticketing vehicle occupants who are unrestrained or whose child passengers are unrestrained.

​           Failure to use seatbelts and child restraints is responsible for needless deaths and maiming through the failure by many teens and adults to simply buckle up, or to properly buckle up child passengers. Twice as many Kansans who die from a crash are unrestrained as are restrained. Even worse is the fact that injuries suffered by those who are unbuckled are likely to be much more severe and disabling than injuries suffered by those who are buckled in. This applies regardless of speed, and whether the occurrence is on a city street, a county road, or a highway.

​           According to CHIEF Josh Orem, “Drivers, always wear your seatbelt and don’t move the vehicle until each person riding with you is buckled in. This is your best defense against death and injury, it’s their best defense, and it’s the law. You will live with the consequences – good or bad – the rest of your life. By always following these simple rules, you will preserve life – maybe your life – and certainly your cash.”

​           And finally, the officers and staff of the Halstead Police department would like to say, “Please be safe and buckle. Take those extra few seconds to make sure you and your passengers are all buckled up so that you can drive on and enjoy the start of the summer season without worry or injury!”

VIN Inspections

Members of the Halstead Police Department are certified by the Kansas Highway Patrol to conduct these inspections.
*Appointments are appreciated
    *To schedule call 316-835-2266.
    *They can be done Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:45pm. 
    *No inspections will be done on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month.
    *Inspections will not be done if it is raining/snowing.
*The cost of the inspection is $20 and that can be paid with cash.
*Bring the title, your drivers license, and the vehicle.
If the "title" is salvaged, rebuilt, or homemade we cannot do the inspections.  Those have to be taken to the KHP office at 1900 E. Tigua street, Kechi, KS 67067.   
Police trucks

Wanted Wednesday

In an effort to reduce our warrants we will be featuring a person every Wednesday who is wanted through Halstead Municipal Court. Some of these people may be Halstead residents and some may not be. It is our hope that through social media we can locate these people and assist them in completing their court obligations.  Follow us on Facebook to participate in this challenge.
A police department truck pictured at sunrise.


If you need this service for employment purposes it is offered for $10.00.

Gun Range

The gun range by the waste water treatment plant is for the Halstead Police Department.  The gun range is not usable without prior permission from the Chief of Police

Information Request Form

For more literature on the department or the city, or to speak with a city staff member, please complete our online form.